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Driving is dangerous: Nearly 100 Americans die every day in a vehicular crash

Even one accident is too many. Become a member of The Fleet Safety Course and help us make the world a safer place, one driver at a time.


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As the owner or manager of a fleet of professional drivers, you have many responsibilities. You have schedules, retention issues, and hiring more drivers to worry about. You have a limited budget and limited staff, yet your customers expect you to be on-time, mistake free and offer excellent customer service. To meet your business goals and customer expectations, the first thing your drivers have to do is get to their destination safely. That is your greatest responsibility: the safety and well-being of your employees and the citizens they share the roads with.

You have many responsibilities: scheduling, hiring & firing, productivity and providing excellent customer service. You’re expect to be on-time, mistake free and to achieve superior results. To meet these goals, though, your drivers have to get to their destination safely. Safety is your most important responsibility - for your drivers, your customers and other people on the road. Now there’s help.


The Fleet Safety Course will help you:


Reduce Your Accidents by 20%

With our library of 40+ safety titles, you will have a lower accident frequency and a more efficient operation.


Strengthen Trust with Your Drivers

Provide your drivers with high quality training. Help them grow their careers and you’ll build trust and loyalty.


Reduce Your Injury Claims

Well-trained drivers have fewer injuries. Providing your drivers with high quality training means they will be more safety conscious and aware of their surroundings.

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Simple yet elegant. Cost effective yet impactful. Easy to remember yet hard to forget.  The LLLC Instructor and Driver certification teaches superior defensive driving protocols to all types of professional drivers, for all types of vehicles.

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As a company with dozens of different roles, from energy to agriculture to office workers, Fleet Safety Course allows me to easily put together learning programs designed for each group. When there is any issues with logins or enrollments, it takes a matter of seconds to fix the issue. I gladly recommend Fleet Safety Course to anyone.

James Dobra
Heritage Cooperative

Until now, safe driver training was not interesting, entertaining or exciting. This program provides high-quality, behavior-based professional driver education that engages drivers on the proper defensive driving procedures.

Duane Hendricks
Fairfax County

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