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Free Ebook: 5 Safety Campaigns You Can Use for Your Employee Driver Training Program

Effective safety training solutions for every industry and light duty fleet, including work trucks, pick-up trucks, sedans, and vans

Your drivers face a unique set of safety hazards every day: frequent stops, loading/unloading, traffic, distracted pedestrians, bad weather conditions and many more. An ongoing employee driver safety training program will reduce your companies accidents, injuries, and cost of loss.

This free eBook gives you 5 simple ideas and real-life examples of safety activities you can use at your organization as part of your employee driver safety training program. Discover inspiration for your own safety meetings using different types of activities and media, including videos, contests, quizzes and more.

What You’ll Learn:

-Engaging, actionable tactics to help reduce accidents for new drivers
-Using “mindshare” to grab (and keep) the attention of your drivers
-Motivate your veteran drivers to be safe, responsible drivers using friendly competitions & pledges
-How to incentivize & reward driver safety
-How to create lasting behavioral changes in your drivers

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5 Safety Campaigns You Can Use for Your Light Duty Driver Training Program

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