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Driver Marketing and Retention Kit


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What You'll Get:


Driver Persona ImagesDriver Personas Template

We define driver personas by their job duties and their shared values, motivations, and personalities.

The Driver Persona Template will be your guide to create your unique message. Use this downloadable file to create your Personas and start targeting the right drivers today!

CoverHow To Develop a Driver Brand eBook

A brand is what drivers think of when they hear your company name.  Every interaction your drivers have with dispatch, management, payroll, secretaries, management, and other drivers shapes your driver brand.

In this eBook, we'll teach you the formula to developing your own driver brand statement and how to execute a driver recruiting strategy that utilizes the messaging you've created.

ThubnailNational Recruiting and Retention Symposium Presentation: The Driver Shortage is For Your Competition

Topics Covered:

  • The Secret Sauce to Driver Recruiting
  • Finding Your Purple Cow
  • The Post-It Note Test
  • Start with the Why
  • Your Driver Personas
  • The Driver Value Proposition Equation
  • Real Examples from Trucking Companies
  • Using Software to Track Your Recruiting Leads

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