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Safely and Effectively Groom the Next Generation of Drivers

The average age of an Over-the-Road truck driver is 55. If you want to have a trucking company in five years, you need a plan to safely and effectively hire and train recent CDL graduates.

Our CDL Finishing School program is designed to provide a structure and documented process for your green drivers. Regardless of the trainer, you’ll know the content, delivery and documentation will be the same high level of effectiveness.

Program Overview:
  • Online Learning: CDL Finishing School Trainees start with the A-Fleet: Professional Safe Driver Course - 16 modules of online driver training courses
  • Classroom: Review concepts covered in the online portion and prepare for the closed course
  • Closed Course: Trainees demonstrate their Behind-The-Wheel skills in controlled environment before proving they’re ready for the road
  • Live Loads: A LLLC Certified Instructor models the proper behaviors Behind-The-Wheel and then coaches from the passenger seat using our LLLC Instructor principles and Performance Standards
  • PTDI Certified: AvatarFleet's CDL Finishing School is certified by the gold standard of the industry, the Professional Truck Driver Institute