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Your Comprehensive ELDT CDL B Program Checklist is Here!

The logistics of ELDT is complicated. With so many moving parts and steps, it might feel like your head is spinning trying to keep it all straight. That's why we made an ELDT Checklist so you can keep focused on training and let us worry about the details.

What's Inside?

1-1 The Basics of ELDT
2-2 Comprehensive Checklist
3-1 Your responsibilities as an ELDT Training Provider
Basics of ELDT

The Basics of ELDT

Learn the basics of ELDT and how you can comply with these regulations

BTW training-1

Comprehensive Checklist

Comprehensive checklist for CDL B theory and behind-the-wheel training

EDLT trainer responsibilities

Your responsibilities as an ELDT Training Provider

Know exactly what your role is as an ELDT trainer as well as the qualifications you need to live up to your potential. Learn how you can best implement these concepts.