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Driver Diagnosis Discussion

Let's Talk About Your Driver Problem

In the time it takes you to finish your first cup of coffee, we'll go over what's causing your headaches with driver recruiting, compliance or safety. 

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What We'll Discuss On This Call

Depending on what your needs are, we'll pop open the hood and review any of the following:


Finding and Hiring Best Fit Drivers

  • Your hiring goal versus current performance
  • What you're spending and what your return on that spend is
  • Your current system and what you want to improve

Staying Legal and Safe

  • How you're staying on top of DOT compliance
  • What training you have in place for drivers
  • Your current process for building and maintaining a culture of safety
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Centralize Recruiting, Compliance and Safety 

AvatarFleet is the only platform offering integrated tools and services to achieve 100% DQ compliance and reduce your all-in cost per hire by 50%.

Our software serves as the engine to our managed service offerings you can utilize to fit your organization's needs.

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What Our Customers Say

"AvatarFleet acts like part of my group and you show true interest in being a part of this company - just like an extension of my team. They made sure I was engaged, and made sure that they had the right people listening to my troubles to find a resolution."

Bobby Huddleston, JMS Transportation


"Other platforms have that short window where you meet with a representative to help you, but then you're quickly reassigned and it's not easy to get in touch with them. It's different with AvatarFleet. We meet monthly to check in on items and see how things are going."

Mandy Davidson, Anchor Transportation

"We're in the transportation business, but I see us in the people business and that's what AvatarFleet specializes in is people. You are one of the greatest partners that we have.”

Eli McCormick, Bestway Express

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Ready To Take Action?

Uncover what's holding you back in a 30 minute Driver Diagnosis Discussion.

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